Hello my name is Jorge Cuadal Calle I'm an illustrator from Barcelona, ​​I'm currently living in New York, this is my story and why I decided to dedicate myself to illustration

2006 - I studied a medium degree in self-publishing - Elisava - Barcelona

I was 17 years old, I did not learn anything because I only thought about skating and painting graffiti.


2008 - I studied a higher degree in interior design - Elisava - Barcelona

I studied this only because I thought I was making money, when I finished I started to work in a small interior design studio but lasted approximately two months, I understood that I did not like interior design.


2010 - I studied a Master in design and architecture - Elisava - Barcelona

I was 19 years old, I was a kind of skater/raver and I shared class with guys from 30 up who were in shirt, tie and expensive shoes, it was clear from the beginning that it was not going to work...


2014 - I finally studied the Degree in Graphic Design - Elisava - Barcelona

First and second years of university I was a good student but I was going too much to party, at the beginning of the third year I went to Torino to Erasmus, I lived in a kind of abandoned house where every day there were parties, I do not know how I passed my course, but at the end of third year I realized that I liked graphic design, and the last year of my career I discovered that I liked it a lot and also I was a good designer.


2015 - afterwards I decided to do a Master in Editorial Design - Elisava - Barcelona

At this stage I was very motivated, I almost did not sleep doing masters projects and I began to work as a graphic designer, but I ended up saturated with reticules, what I liked was the illustration but I was not sure if I would risk entering into that world.


2016 - Finally I studied something with what I enjoy and I start the Master in illustration - European Institute of Design - Madrid

I was 27 years old and I went to study illustration in Madrid and now I hardly go out partying and I only drink one day a week, maybe I have reached maturity that people say, I prefer to stay at home playing with illustrator and eating branded cereals.


2017 - I needed a change and I moved to New York

At that time I was working as a freelance and decided to move to New York to continue working from a distance, absorb the essence of the city and improve my English.