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Hello my name is Jorge Cuadal Calle, I'm an illustrator from Barcelona, this is my story and why I decided to dedicate myself to illustration.

2006 - I studied a medium degree in Self-Publishing - Elisava - Barcelona.

I was 17 years old, I did not learn anything because I only thought about skateboarding and painting graffiti.


2008 - I studied a higher degree in Interior Design - Elisava - Barcelona.

I really enjoyed these studies, but when I finished studying, I started working in a small studio and I understood that I did not like interior design.

2014 - I studied the Degree in Graphic Design - Elisava - Barcelona.

I studied graphic design because I thought that to be an illustrator I had to study graphic design but during my degree I realized that I was wrong, the graphic designer is not the illustrator, the graphic designer is (usually) the one who hires the illustrator. At that point I tried to unite each area of graphic design with illustration.


2015 - After that I decided to study a master in Editorial Design - Elisava - Barcelona.

At this stage I was very motivated, I almost did not sleep doing masters projects and I began to work as a graphic designer, but I ended up saturated after fighting everyday with grids and different fonts, what I liked was the illustration but I was not sure if I should sacrifice everything to focus 100% only on illustration.


2016 - Finally I studied a Master in illustration - European Institute of Design - Madrid.

I was 27 years old, I decided to move to Madrid to study illustration, during that year I enjoyed every minute of the master in illustration and I began to see a professional future as an illustrator.


2017 - I needed a change and I moved to New York.

At that time I was starting to have freelance jobs and I decided to move to New York to try to develop myself as an illustrator.

2020 - Back in Barcelona.

After some time developing myself as an illustrator, now I can say that I am a press illustrator and I work for different magazines around the world.

2021 - During the last years I have worked for clients such as:





- GQ



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